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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Did I Ever Show You...

My tats?

Well here are the ones on each of my calves, as well as the dark purple rose on my right shoulder.

I love my tattoos. It took me ten years to decide if I indeed wanted a tattoo or was in just a phase. Obviously, I really wanted a tattoo.

I would love to know your opinion about tattoos in general.

I apologize that the shoulder tat is a little blurry, but I had to bend myself as well as the camera in a manner that isn't normal to get a photo of it.


Suzi said...

Ooooh, pretty! I think ten years is a good amount of time to spend thinking about a tattoo, and I also think it's a good idea to be older rather than younger, to avoid the regrettable Winnie-the-Pooh back tattoo.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't know as I would ever get one, but I like them. And the right tattoos can be very sexy on a woman.

I have no opinion on a man LOL

Breigh said...

I *Love* the butterflies... looks better with a little group of them than a single one. Very very pretty!

The horse one though, err.. I dunno. It doesn't look like it's proportioned properly or something. I'm a horse nut though so I notice every little thing.

(sorry.. don't mean to criticize but you -did- ask hehe)

Antonette said...

It must be the angle of the camera because it looks much better in person. I was taking this picture at a weird angle.

I rode horses professionally for 13 years so I would notice any errors.

Blueyes said...

I've always loved tattoos and can't wait to get more :) Those are very pretty. I go for the nature tattoos myself.

Amy said...

Tatts RAWK! I love the bunch of butterflies, too. I've got one, and am looking for the right lower back tatt.... I've been looking for a year now and nothing has jumped out at me. Jesse said I should just design one myself...

3.14 said...

I have all mine drawn for me by friends. I think up the concept, oversee the drawing, make changes as necessary, and then bring them to the artist. For me, seeing as I lack any sort of drawing ability, but do feel like I have some creative strength, it's great to have things I thought up. Having friends I care about draw them makes it have even more meaning.

best advice I can give is get the tattoo at least twice as big as you originally wanted it. I don't know why, but everyone I know who got tats before me told me that, and I followed through, and they are all jealous I did it right the first time. You will regret a tiny tat more than a big one.

By the time I'm done I'll probably have my chest, back, and both sleves done. I have a bunch as it is, but having something that ties them all together without getting tribals all over is more difficult than it sounds.

Also remember that if you are worried about them fading and looking awful when you're old that you're not going to be trying to win people over with your body when you're old.

Chris said...

Here via BlogMad.

The girl who stayed with us this weekend has 4 tats. A moon/sun on the ankle, a fairy on the calf, a butterfly on the low back, and one on her shoulder.

Personally, I'd never get a tatoo because I'd think I wouldn't want it later.

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Laura said...

I now have three tats and I have blogged about them before. My feeling is for something so permanent that, trust me seeing 80-90 something year old men in nursing school with old tats, does not ager gracefully, it must have meaning. Most folks I have talked to can tell me great stories about their body art or what prompted them to have it done so my personal feeling stand.
My three tats represent: my son with a replica of his actual sized footprints at birth (he wieghed 1lb 6oz and his footprints were less than an inch long), 7 shooting stars representing the 7 members of this circus act I call a family, the childhood nicknames of my husband and me circling my left ring finger (he has the same).
Thank for sharing your art. I love the colorful butterflies and that horse is magnificent.
I hope you will share the stories behind these sometime soon.

Charles said...

Without being or sounding like a downder: I had a nightmare once, that everyone with tattoos died from them exploding. That made me lose all intrest in getting a tattoo. Still though I am tempted to get one. (Spider-Man)

Breigh said...

Yeah I hear you on the angle thing, I think it's the same with all ankle / wrist tattoos because I can't seem to get a shot of EITHER of my tattoos without them looking totally wonky! haha

I have one on my outer right ankle, and one on my inner left wrist. I'm actually going to have the wrist one touched up today. It's been driving me crazy because a lot of the ink came out of the black parts when I was having it done so it looks a bit nasty.

Wystful1 said...

I have ONE tattoo. And it's on my ankle....a butterfly with a tiger face. It's awesome and I designed it myself.

Love the butterfly tattoos of yours!!!

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