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Sunday, August 13, 2006


I thought I would share this with everyone. Below is a 4-D picture of my best friend's baby girl taken just this past week. Christie, my best friend is 31 weeks along.

Isn't that just amazing?!

One more thing before I say goodnight, my tenant is only here for 2 more days. The visits to her blog are mediocre at best. Come on folks, go visit! Pretty please!


Mr. Fabulous said...

That is so cool.

slackermommy said...

I love seeing those. That one is really clear. I had one with my fourth baby and she looked more like an alien. Modern technology is so amazing. I laugh to think about how our kids will be comparing 4d ultrasounds when they are older.

Charles said...

Wow, that is possible? Those standard ultrasounds are lame compared to this. Is this new or something? I wish my sister could have used this with my nephew before he was born.