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Monday, July 10, 2006

Your Monday Photo Shoot: The Life Aquatic

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Go under the waves (or at least pretend to) and take a picture relating to something aquatic. Fish are always nice, but anything you'd usually find underwater will work. It's okay if they're not real. Work with what you've got.

Here's mine:

Below are photos of two of my six Bettas. I also have five tropical fish.


Amy said...

When we had an aquarium, our Betta used to love the other fish. Maybe he was emotionally needy or something...hee hee

Tess said...

Six! can they all see each other?

Antonette said...

No, not all of them. 3 are in the kitchen, 1 is in the TV Room and 2 are in our bedroom.

Becky said...

Both awesome looking, but that bottom one, very cool! I want one! I've never seen one in that color and markings.

MariesImages said...

These are beautiful fish, very colorful, lovely entry!