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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend Assignment #118: July 4th Memories

Weekend Assignment 118: Share some favorite memories of July 4th. You can do it by telling a story or showing some of your favorite pictures of the day -- or both! Pretty simple, because, after all, all of here in the US have lots of July 4th memories.

I have a lot of memories of July 4th, but I never took any pictures. So, I am creating new memories this July 4th weekend and remembering to take pictures of it all.

We had our get together on Sunday because that is when everyone could make it. It was hotter than heck and I didn't stay that long and went home to check on the animals. I left my hubby at my in laws to enjoy himself with his family. I'm glad too because the nature made fireworks came not too long after I arrived home. I went back after the storms to watch the fireworks that my in laws bought.

I managed to get some good photos before everyone scattered about on the property. There will be a few parts to this assignment, because I took a variety of pics. I will start with some pics of the inlaws and friends.