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Friday, July 28, 2006


We had a couple of thunderstorms last night, I thought I would share a few pictures I took. Sorry about it being a bit blurry but lightning is hard to catch on a digital camera, so I had to hurry up and take the picture.

Don't forget to visit my tenant! She's only here for one more day!!!


colleen m said...

Cool photos! I am glad I found you again. I was motherisme at aol (the person with the NASCAR crazy dh and me sick of it ;0)Finally bagged AOL!!!

Dirty Butter said...

mmmmm Looks ominous!

Is this a new blog skin, or have I just gotten your blog looks mixed up in my mind with someone else's?? Probably just my lame brain, I suspect! Anyway, I love it.

PS: I'd appreciate it if you, and your readers, would do me a big favor and check out my new post on our
Yesterday's Memories blog, and help me out with a special request.


Charles said...

You are good at taking those photos. you got like four pictures on your blog of lightening. I haven't gotten any and I am envious of you. LOL

Wait a minute is that lightening in the bottom corner of the first picture. Cool!

Antonette said...

No charles it's blurry street lights