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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th Weekend Part 3

This post will also be the Photo Shoot Assignment

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Pretend you're a bug. Take a picture from that point of a view. You choose the bug: Fly, spider, bee, wasp, caterpillar, flea, a dung beetle which used to be Gregor Samsa, whatever. Just make sure you view the world from that point of view.

Our Own Fireworks Display

After Mother Nature showed some of her own fireworks, we showed her ours.

I don't want to know where my inlaws purchased all the fireworks. But I do know they were very expensive, but well worth the money. My camera didn't pick up all the bright colors, but trust me there was every color in the rainbow in those fireworks.


Charles said...

Cool! Those look like the fireworks that the professionals use at events like the 4th.