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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy July 4th!

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Also, don't forget to stop by my new tenant's blog! Tell her Antonette sent ya!

By the way, I would like to know why hardly anyone comments on my blog. I guess it's the same reason that my bids always get "effin" denied. No biggie. I'll get over it.

Maybe if I start cursing and ranting about everyone and everything, my blog will be more accepted.

Nah.. then my blog would be fake and just like everyone else's.


Cindy said...

I actually have the same problem. I don't get many comments either. I am not going to act like someone that I am not just to get those comments though. As you, I will get over it! LOL

Charles said...

Be yourself!

Your blog should reflect your personality and your style.

I've found out that when I comment in someone elses journal, they come and comment in mines. I really like to read journals, and here about other peoples stories. I try to leave a comment in there post letting them know that I was here, and hoping that they will check me out too. There was a time when I was lucky to get one comment every other month, but it's not about the comments though. Its about you. About posting your feelings. What you like or dislike. What is on your mind at a particular moment. Taking part in a meme. Things like that. It's about fun. Right?

I like your journal! I comment whenever I read it.

Antonette said...

Thank you very much you two!