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Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekend Assignment #115: Make Your Own Highway Sign

Weekend Assignment #115: You'll find an online highway sign generator here. Go there, write your own highway sign, and post it in your Journal or Blog. If you're not sure how to get the picture from the site to your computer, it's simple: right click on your mouse and use the "Save Picture As..." command. That should allow you to save it on your computer. The picture downloads as a 640x480 picture, so before you upload you might want to shrink it a little (I shrank mine so it was 450 pixels across). Also, remember AOL's Terms of Service (i.e., keep the language this side of profane, please).

Here's Mine:


Paul said...

I don't know what Xanax is.

Paul said...

OK, I lied. It's the brand name of a popular, and generally overprescribed anti-depressant, isn't it? Isn't taking it with coffee rather counter intuitive?

Antonette said...

Isn't taking it with coffee rather counter intuitive?

People do it anyway. And thus the creation of the sign. It's all about craziness. Not medical science.