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Friday, June 02, 2006


First, I want to let you know I have a new renter this week! Make sure you take some time and visit her blog. You will enjoy reading Janet's blog, I know I did.

We had some pretty good thunderstorms last night. I managed to get some decent photos of the storm. It's very hard to take pictures of lightning with a digital camera, but I think they came out rather well. We are supposed to get more storms tonight.


PresentStorm said...

hey that lightening shot is very cool. It IS hard to get good pics like that witha digital. By the time it snaps the cool things has gone or stopped. We have had some crazy storms here this week as well.

Janet said...

Don't feel so bad about not winning those Battle of the Blogs things.

In my time on BE I have found a lot of the readers to be very superficial and cliqueish. It can be like high school, only the "yearbooks" have daily, dated entries.

Thanks for letting a fellow Jersey Girl move in for the week!:)

Charles said...

Hey how did you get that lightening shot. I tried for over an hour a year ago when I first started journaling on AOL, and I could never get it on camera.

Nice shot, and nice timing.