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Friday, June 30, 2006


We had a pretty decent storm roll in around 11 PM Thursday night. Unfortunately, New Jersey did not need anymore rain. We are fine in our area and surrounding neighborhoods, but drive 15 minutes north into Trenton and it's absolutely flabberghasting the amount of flooding that happened. The Delaware River flooded many, many neighborhoods. I feel so sorry for them, and also for the flood victims in PA, MD, DE and NY.

To follow are pictures of the storm rolling in. The last one is a totally unbelievable shot that I can't believe I was able to capture with my digital camera. Enjoy!

P.S. My Tenant hasn't gotten many visits from my blog. I ask that all of my wonderful visitors take time and go over to her blog. Please don't let her regret renting a spot on my blog. Thank You!


mrsmogul said...

thunderstorms scare me. I hope it doesn't come across the pond.

Charles said...

I wanted a shot like that, how did you get it?

I'll go check out your renter now.