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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Saturday Six

From your front door...

1. What is the color of the first vehicle you spot? Blue

2. Is this the last vehicle you drove? If not, does this car belong to you or someone in your home? No, it's my neighbor's car

3. What kind of tree is closest to your front door? Pine Tree

4. What's the weather like at the time you answer these questions? Did you feel any dramatic change of temperature or humidity as you stepped outside of your home? It's a cool 59 degrees outside (9:35 PM). It's cooler outside than inside our home.

5. Of your immediate neighbors -- those whose homes you can see from your front door -- how many of them do you know by name? Two

6. How many of those do you speak to when you see them? My next door neighbors are jerks (and that's putting it mildly), we do not speak to them. Our neighbors behind us are really nice. We speak to them when we see them.


Amy said...

It's 59 degrees there?! ugh...no fair. At 9:00 last night, it was still in the mid 80s here...