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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

First I have to say...Oh my gosh! I had quite a few bids to cop a squat for a week on my blog. Unfortunately, I had to pick one blog. I hate doing that because I most certainly know what it feels like to be "denied" a bid.

I picked Newfie Girl. If any of the other bidders are reading this post, please do not be discouraged. Come back and make another bid next week. I do not forget my past bidders.

So folks, please stop by Newfie Girl's Blog and give her a warm welcome. I enjoyed reading her blog and I believe you will too.

Now to all the Father's out there....


Amy said...

I went to read your tenant blog! She's a funny one...lol...I'm keeping her in my favorites... the Ross and Rachel post made me laugh....

Newfie Girl said...

Thank you for choosing me.. Thanks Amy for your kind words!!!

I'm a lurker Antonette.. I read your blog all the time but I've never commented.. I'm a chicken.. haha


Cat said...

I love Newfie Girl! She was one of the first bloggers I met. I thought she had been gone for a time off BE but I'm glad to see she's posting and I found her again.