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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good Morning!

Jasmine (who is inside) and Molly greet each other thru the screened door.
I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. Please go visit my tenant, she will only be staying for a couple more days and then will be moving on.


Amy said...

They looks so sweet! I wish my cats and the stray I feed were more friendly to each other. Every time I bring the stray inside, there's fighting words... :-P

Antonette said...

Oh these two do not get along. Molly wants to be friends with Jasmine, however Jasmine is such a biatch she hisses at her. Jasmine has calmed down as the years have gone by, years ago she tried to kill Molly on 2 occassions. Therefore Molly goes into a spare bedroom at night and doesn't have free roam of the house.

jan said...

Do you suppose the outside cat wants in and the inside cat wants out? I have a cat that I want to be an inside cat, but she has her own ideas of how she wants to live her life. Whenever the door opens, she scurries eitherin or out, depending on where she is.

Useless Man said...

I thought it was the strangest mirror at first. I want one that makes me look different when I peer into it.

But not like a cat...

PatentPrincess said...

Hi, just passing through via Blog Explosion. I love this picture of the cats - very sweet! I always have trouble getting mine to stand still for a photo.