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Monday, May 01, 2006

Your Monday Photo Shoot: The Birdies!

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Snap some shots of the birds around you. Whether they're out your window or in your house as pets, let's see some pictures of your fine feathered friends. You can take new shots or use old ones -- but try not to use shot you've already used before. Also remember that although it's called the Monday Photo Shoot, you can put up pictures on Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday morning and still have them part of the roundup on Thursday afternoon.

Here are some bird pictures while we were on vacation:


tess said...

Birds on Vacation! The Spoon Bills look content.

Clance' McClannahan said...

Birds are so cool. I have a pair of wild yellow finches nesting in the tree outside my office window. They are shredding the window screen to use in their nest. I am trying to get a picture of them (him actually) doing it but they are pretty elusive and see me coming and scoot.I got a picture of a huge Red Hawk circling over our house last night. I will put it on On a Quest...

Charles said...

Ummm, what kind of bird is that in the first picture. It is very, very bright. LOL