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Saturday, May 13, 2006


I decided to try something new and put both of my blogs out there to be judged by other bloggers over at Blog Explosion. I will never do that again.

Not only was my Nascar blog defeated, but this one as well. Why? Am I that boring? Is it my layouts? I change this blog's layout all the time because I get bored of them. Is it because I'm not funny? Or does it seem I appear to be too smug?

I know blogging isn't a popularity contest, but for pete's sake those defeats really sucked.

Awww hell.



Charles said...


What do you mean by defeated? I like your blog.

Amy said...

pfft...*I* love your blog AND you, so screw 'em... *wink*

(and while you know I loved the coffee layout, I love this one more...)

P.S. Happy Mothers Day! What - you got furbabies - you're a mommy! :)

Antonette said...

Yeah, I'll stick with this one for a while. Maybe the coffee one was too dark. Happy mommy's day to you too! Hugs!!!

Antonette said...

It's called "Battle Of The Blogs" Charles. It's putting your blog up against another and people vote on who's blog is better of the two. Each battle I lost. Pfffff!

Va Va Voom said...

Hi, nothing wrong with your blog! There are certain times in Battle of the Blogs when a few people there have an alliance going and they vote for their pal's blogs pronto without even looking at the competition. I hate when that happens as it's not only a waste of credits, it ruins it for the rest. It's meant to be for fun, though, so try again next time!

Va Va Voom said...

Oh hey, I bookmarked you so I can find my way back here.

Antonette said...

Thanks va va!

Cat said...

Love the site...good blog. I'm visiting via the Click & Comment day. Exploring new sites and pounced upon yours!

Vavavoom is right. I entered a battle and before I could click to view it I was already down to 4 votes left. Sucks to lose that way but it does happen.

I keep trying though and hopefully win a few here and there. I've become a battling junkie on some days.

Hope to visit again. I liked your text link on BE ;)

Antonette said...

Thanks! I can be very sarcastic.