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Monday, May 29, 2006

The Sunday Seven

Consider your "Dream House." Now name seven features, either of the house or the lot itself, that would be required for it to really be your "Dream House."

My Answers:

1. Pool
2. Office/Computer Room
3. Porch and/or balcony
4. A landscaped fenced in yard
5. Jacuzzi Tub
6. Stainless Steel high quality kitchen appliances
7. 2 car garage


jennster said...

GORGEOUS! i want it too! lol

Sie said...

Very gorgeous! I want it too..lol. BUT only if it comes with a maid. OMG... I'm getting old when I start looking at the practical side of things. ~Sie

mrsmogul said...

YES THAT'S MY Kind of house too! A really classy one not the ones in Triangle Hills,Marlboro NJ where the mafia lives LOL

DesLily said...

wow now that's a pretty house.. love stone!