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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Sunday Seven

List your top seven blogging pet peeves

My Answers:

1. Strong Profanity ~ it totally turns me off when every word is "eff" this or "eff" that. It makes the reading much less enjoyable. I'm no saint, but geesh people.

2. Too Many Ads ~ some blogs have turned into a billboard for everything and anything. It drives me crazy.

3. Busy templates ~ I love a blog that has the "ooh" factor but not the blogs that are crammed with busy backgrounds and graphics all over the place. So much so that you can't read the type. Blogs like that make me feel like I'm under some sort of illegal drug.

4. Crudeness ~ I'm not saying you have to be politically correct, but please keep the racist remarks to yourself if you are going allow ALL to view your blog.

5. Lack of updates ~ those who do not blog for months. Did you fall into the abyss or something? If you don't want to blog at least close it down or tell your readers that you are taking a break from blogging. Don't leave us hanging.

6. Porn Blogs ~ I'm no prude, but some of the blogs out there are pornographic and have no warning to let viewers know that it's a x-rated blog. The last thing I want to see is some women's coochie flapping in the wind.

7. Blah Blogs ~ the total opposite of #3. The blogs with absolutely no colors, pictures or graphics. How can you draw readers if you have just a plain looking blog with no "ooh" factor? That's just my opinion.


Charles said...

I agree with all ten! I think I only swore on my blog once.

Antonette said...

I don't mind a little swearing, but the F-bomb and MF this or the C word really makes me cringe.

Antonette said...

10? there were only 7 charles!!!

Undercover Angel said...

I agree with all of them - but the things I hate the most are the blogs with a lot of profanity and the ones that aren't updated regularly. Those are major turnoffs for me.

Porno Spark said...

Well I specially agree with the 6th one. Even I'm developing a a program for that at my site .