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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Reveal

A recap of the three supposedly factual stories I wrote about:

1. Running from the police.

2. Uncanny ability to forge signatures.

3. Showing my horses at the Nationals.

Which was a lie? Well actually all the stories are true except for one particular word being wrong in story #3. I did not make it to the Nationals, but I did do exactly what I said at State competition. I showed horses from age 6 until 18.

Thanks to everyone who guessed. I appreciate it!


Monponsett said...

Am I wrong, or did Lurkynat call you out on the very word?

Charles said...

I was wrong, darnit! :)

Hey guess what. Your journal was the first one that came up today, when I started (just now) surfing. Cool! I am voting for you (thumbs up) and listing you as one of my favorite reads.

Charles said...

Guess what again? You were the daily top voted blog at one point on blogmad. Hey did you try doing the cage match thing on blogmad. Its like battle of the blogs. I'm scared to try either one, cause i'm afraid i'd get blown out of the water. LOL

cyberoutlaw said...

Running from the police was like an Olympic sport in my neighborhood.

Antonette said...

Really charles? Wow!