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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Just A Little Ticked Off

I so happened to stumble upon a blogger that complained about many things that other bloggers do and one of them was showing pictures of cats (or pets in general) on your blog. I am sure it wasn't directed at only me, but it still pissed me off anyway.

This is MY Blog NOT YOURS. If I want to put a picture of my cats on here I will. If I want to put a picture of my flowers, I will. If I want to post pictures of the biggest ball of ear wax, I will...well maybe. This is why they call them Personal Diaries/journals/blogs. Some choose to show pics of their pets others like to show pictures of their kids, and some others like to post nude pics. To each their own I say. Now for your enjoyment here's a picture especially for those bloggers who gets annoyed with pet pics...

I would have stuck my middle finger up in this picture, however I have more than four readers (many more) that rather like my blog somewhat vulgar free.

The "Bitch"


The Newsbitch said...

Heya! Just stopping by vie BE and have to say, I thnk yuor blog is wonderful!
I completely agree - it's up to you what you put on your blog! Maybe it was just a hint of envy?

Keep it up (cat pics included!)

Antonette said...

Thanks girl! This guy just went off on every blog that has pets, kids, cartoons, etc.. I was saying to myself "yeah and this guy's blog is so much better...NOT!"

The only thing I whine about is that people put pornographic photos up on their blogs without a warning. THAT can be very dangerous, ya know what I'm getting at?

Wolf said...

Your cat is adorable and has the look of tolerance my two get when I take photos of them to post as well.}:)

B said...

Just wanted to say you have very pretty eyes!

Charles said...

Is it me or does your cat looks like it likes to take pictures.


Kim said...

Heh, I absolutely love looking at kitty pics on blogs, some people like looking at other people's kids, or cars, or dogs, or whatever....this past weekend I posted some images of signs I'm designing....whatever, you blog, your stuff :)

Sie said...

lol. you tell em girl!

Cindy said...

You go girl. Its YOUR blog. F-em! LOL