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Friday, April 07, 2006


I thought I'd share a couple of conversations that just made me want to grab a hold of the throat of person I was speaking to at the time.

Conversation #1: A brief conversation with a neighbor who lives down the street

Person: "How ya doing?"

Me: "I've had better weeks."

Person: "Oh? What's the matter with you?"

Me: "We had to put our rottie to sleep Sunday."

Person: "How old was the dog?"

Me: "12"

Person: "Oh well that's old, she wasn't going to live much longer anyhow."

Me: "Yes, but it still doesn't make it any easier"

Person: "Shit happens, you'll get over it."

Me: (thinking to myself) yeah and I hope you catch a good case of Syphilis you insensitive prick.

Conversation #2 (a call to Ford Service Dept about a change oil warning from the in car computer. My oil was changed 2 weeks ago):

Me: "I was there at the dealership 2 weeks ago to get my oil changed. Today the computer told me that I need to change my oil."

Ford Service: "Oh they must have forgotten to reset the computer. You know you can reset it by looking in your owners manual."

Me: "Oh ok, well I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't something of more concern. Resetting it is not a problem, I just wanted to make sure that is all that needs to be done."

Ford Service: "Well read your manual and if you can't understand how to do it, bring it in and we'll press a button for you."

Me: "No, I am more than sure I can figure it out all by myself."

Ford Service: "Yeah, all you have to do is read."

Me: "Thanks for your..." click (he hung up)

Miserable little cuss.


Charles said...

I think in both cases, those people didn't want to listen. The Ford guy seems miserable at his job, and the neighbor seems unsensitive, probably never had a pet before. I cried my eyes out when my dog was taken (ripped from me) when I was a kid, because we couldn't have pets where we were moving too. It hurt alot. So I kinda understand how you feel.

Patrick said...

I used to get really angry about people who said the kind of things your neighbor said about Ginger.

Then I realized that I should feel sorry for them instead. If that neighbor had EVER had a dog he cared anything about...if he'd ever experienced a tenth of the love that a loyal dog can give with little to nothing expected in return, he'd have never said anything so insensitive.

Gabreael said...

The more I know of people the more I love my dog.



Laura said...

I meant to post a comment but i emailed ya instead.. I cannot believe the nerve of some people! To your face, no less...

Clance' McClannahan said...

The neighbor: I might have had an issue controlling myself. Congrats for not slapping her face.
The Ford Guy: I would have been dialing the franchise manager in a second. Demanded something free for my insulted pride since I had spent so much money there and then been treated that way after the sale. They will give you something.
All you have to say is your going to call the Ford Corperate office and complain. Ford expects absolute perfection from thier franchises in customer service. I have a buddy who owns a franchise. What little goody would you like in your new rig? Pick some thing cool.