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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Tuesday Two


What room of the house do you most consider to be entirely "your space" and what makes it so uniquely yours?


A co-worker wants to borrow your workspace while you're out of the office. The next day, you return to find your things out of place. Will that bother you at all, and will you say anything about it, or just quietly return things to "normal?"

I chose Question A:
My computer room is entirely my space. The only thing that is in this particular room is my Earnhardt collection, my puter, a stereo system and a kitty liter box. My husband comes in this room only if he wants to see what I am doing (which I don't mind and it's not very often), or if he needs to search for something on the puter (which is also a rarity). So the puter room is mine....mine all mine!


Gabreael said...

My parlor.




The Complimenting Commenter said...

Good questions and post. I love the blog too! B: I would quietly return things to normal, depending on who it was. And yes, it would bother me.

Thanks for an interesting post.

Charles said...

So the puter room is mine....mine all mine!

I was looking for some cartoon like evil laughter after you said that. You like "I get that siwwy wabbit bwahaha. LOL

Anonymous said...

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