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Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Saturday Six

A day late because Patrick doesn't post it until around 1AM my time...I'm gonna have to straighten that boy out LOL!

1. How did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Basically what I am doing right now. On the computer. I've done the whole party hardy thing for many years. It's not my cup of tea anymore.

2. What is your favorite green food? Cucumbers

3. Other than Christmas or Thanksgiving, what holiday do you generally spend the most for when you celebrate it? Halloween.

4. It probably seems like winter may have already disappeared from this year based on the warm weather much of the country experienced this season, but if you had to eliminate one season entirely, which one would you choose and why? Summer. It gets down right hot and humid in NJ. I'm not too fond of the heat. Besides, it gets pretty darn warm here in late spring.

5. If you then had to replace the season you eliminated with one of the three remaining ones, meaning that we'd have six months of one season, which would you choose and why? Oh that's a tough one. It's a toss up between Spring and fall. Both are a colorful season, and both have excellent weather (usually). I always love fall, but I'm going to go with Spring because of the flowers.

6. How many of your old school yearbooks (or annuals) do you have today? If you let someone read the messages people wrote in them, would they think you were popular, not popular, or somewhere in between? I have at least four yearbooks and I wasn't popular, but I did have my share of friends. I wouldn't even say I was in between because I pretty much kept to myself throughout high school. My final year I was a bit more outspoken and had more friends than not.