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Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Vacation Slide Show

I put a whole bunch of pictures on a slide show. I am a little disappointed with the quality of it because the real pictures are extremely well defined and very good quality. I hope you enjoy viewing it anyway.

Click Here To View Slideshow. My Slideshow will be on the left side of the page.


Charles said...

Pardon me, Do you have any Grey Poupon? LMAO! Is that what you thought as soon as you saw the Giraffe? That was so funny. Still laughing.

Those were some great pictures. Makes me wish I was there.

Antonette said...

Yep that's the first thing I thought of when viewing that pic. I know I'm mental.

Astaryth said...

Great slideshow... I just realized that I watched it and then forgot to come back and make a comment {slapping self in forehead} Sometimes I'm such a ditz!

Looks like you had a good time. G is lobbying for tickets to the Firecracker, but I told him since we are moving the last week in May I doubt a trip will be in the forecast... maybe next year. His answer? "Well, we'll actually be about halfway between Daytona and Taladega now........." {snorth}