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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Not A Happy Camper

Somebody who I thought was a close friend broke my heart. Damn bastard I hope he rots in hell! Oops I said that outloud didn't I?!! Yes, you read it correctly..I was referring to a male friend...no not as in a lover as in a friend. My husband knows him too, but I didn't tell Joey that this friend hurt my feelings. I'll deal with it my own way.

Mom always said that I put all of my heart into my relationships no matter if they are friendships or marriage or whatever. And I'm always the one that gets hurt.

I'm putting my wall back up and going back to being a bitch. Oh wait, I never stopped being a bitch. LOL

Well, whatever. I guess I'll turn my hurt and frustration into something beneficial and start jogging or walking or something.



Charles said...

I had problems with friends in my life, and I put up some walls. Trouble is these walls have become a nuisance, and now I am trying to tear them down, and dig myelf out at the same time. I even pushed some of my family members away. Be careful not to do that.

Antonette said...

Thanks for caring Charles. I appreciate you.

autocamper udlejning said...

Keep up the spirit