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Friday, January 06, 2006

Ugh! This Sucks!

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Well so much for sleeping. I didn't sleep last night. I coughed continuously, and it didn't matter if I tried to sleep sitting up, so needless to say I'm a bit cranky. My whatever I have has also worked it's way south (the bathroom is my friend if you know what I mean). OMG, someone please put me out of my misery.

I rarely get sick. It's been years since I've felt this bad, so I broke down and went to the drug store and picked up some Nyquil. I sure hope this stuff works. You see I am not a medication/pill taker. The only thing I take is a daily vitamin. I will take a sinus headache pill if I no longer can function without some sort of relief. After my car accident, I was on so much medication, that I was sick and tired of taking pills. So, in order for me to take medication, it has to be my last resort. I am at my last resort. No sleep makes you desperate.

I was wondering if any of you have taken Nyquil? Does it work? I really would love to know. I'm tempted to take it now, but I fear that I will pass out for hours and I can't do that.


ChasingMoksha said...

I'm not big on/with drugs so most usually make me sleep. I do think Nyquil helps. But you must be prepared to sleep.

I hope you get better soon.

Tammy said...

Alka Seltzer cold & flu (nightime) is better. I get too loopy and knocked out from Nyquil but it works.

New look is beautiful!

Feel better soon:)

Astaryth said...

Hmmm... Well, I'm no help because whatever it is in the Nyquil that makes 'normal' people sleepy puts me into hyper overdrive ;p

Sorry you are feeling so bad, but the bright side is that it has to get better! {{hugs}}
Adventures of an Eclectic Mind

jennifer said...

Nyquil gives me a hangover worse than the cold/flu. So if I'm completely desperate for sleep and have more than enough time to sleep it off, then I'll take it and it does work.

Hope you're feeling better soon.