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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Saturday Six A Day Late

1. From a financial standpoint, was 2005 a good year or a bad year for you? Do you expect 2006 to be better or worse?

2. What was your least favorite moment of 2005?

3. Did you lose anyone close to you in 2005? If so, who were they?

4. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What do you know about blogging?

5. Where were you when 2005 began? Where were you when 2005 ended?

6. Did you make new year's resolutions for 2005? If so, how many did you keep?

My Answers:

1. It was a good year. Every year seems to get better. Bills are getting paid off and our credit score has improved immensely. I believe this pattern will continue in 2006.

2. How everyone ignored the animals/pets during the hurricanes. People abandoned them and the federal/state/local government ignored them.

3. No, thank God!

Well, You Know What a Blog Is...

You got 3/8 correct!

But, truthfully, most blogs probably bore you.

5. I believe we were home. And we were home when the clock struck midnight to begin 2006.

6. No. I never make resolutions. However, I did make one for 2006 and I know I'll be successful.