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Monday, January 16, 2006

Nothing In Particular

From Saturday until Sunday morning, it rained a little, sleeted a lot, snowed a couple of inches, 50 mph wind gusts, and then it all froze over. I didn't go anywhere Sunday because I didn't have to and besides the house needed to some serious cleaning. However, today I had a lot of running around to do and now my brand new Explorer is filthy. I didn't even have the pleasure of driving a clean truck around for one day. Ugh!

The dealership called me and told me that the guy that will be doing my pin stripes will be available this Wednesday, so I'll be able to take some pics by this weekend.

I'm feeling better and my right ear finally popped tonight. I can hear!!!! Being sick totally sucked.

Ginger (our Rottie), went to the vet tonight to get her nails cut. All the vitamins I'm giving her is making her nails grow at a rapid rate. I refuse to cut them myself because her nails are black and you can't see where the vein is. I do not want to hurt her, so I rather have the vet cut them. And I found out that she gained 4 lbs. which is definitely NOT good. This makes her 128 lbs., and now needs to lose 12 lbs.

Well that's pretty much it for now I guess. Until next time...take care.


jennifer said...

I won't cut Walter's nails either, and his paws are white. I'd rather pay to have an experienced person do it.

And Walter also has been admonished to lose a few pounds. But then, so has Walter's mom. :D