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Friday, January 13, 2006

It's Not Me Or Blogger...It's AOL

Yep folks, AOL is once again sticking it to it's paying customers and the non aol users too.

I originally thought that the commenting issue was just a blogger glitch and it would be fixed. However, a friend of mine discovered that it was an AOL problem and not a blogger issue.

I also found this bit of info from First Person Plural. Here are her exact words:

"Okay folks. The problem with the comment notifications from Blogger to AOL email addresses has been confirmed. It is a glitch on AOL's end. Problem is, they don't know the whats and the whys, but they are working to fix it, according to Joe at Magic Smoke".

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jennifer said...

I like your little Grrr guy.

Perfect for Friday the 13th.

Antonette said...

Ackkkk, don't remind me that it's Friday the 13th.

Clance' McClannahan said...

oh %$#$ I didn't even notice it was Fri the 13th. I best stay home. **lol**
By the way...I'm a little teapot gets stuck in my head a lot too. Mostly when I am reall stressed. Just tip me over and pour me out.
I also get I am IRONMAN dadadadadada DADADAH....in my head alot. Ozzie is not EVER on my listing of anything I would listen to. How weird is that?