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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Like my new digs? I think it's very girly girl and quite eloquent (which I'm not).

Maybe a new Antonette is emerging out of her cocoon? Maybe the weight loss is bringing out the more refined me? It's a possibility!

I haven't weighed myself in about 3 months, but I know I lost more weight. I want to lose a total of 50 lbs or so, and I believe I'm more than halfway there now. Last time I checked I lost 23 lbs, and I'm sure it is more now. A size 12 would be perfect for me. Right now I'm in between a 14 and a 16. I was a size 20 back in June, and before that it was a tight squeeze to even get into a size 20.

Why couldn't I have the skinny gene run thru my DNA instead of the "you are this close to becoming a cow" gene?


jennifer said...

I LOVE it!! It's soooo pretty. Now...pass those weight loss vibes over my way, will ya?

Sie said...

The new digs are very gorgeous. Wow 23 lbs! Way to go. I've been a slacker about the gym lately. It's cold and all I want to do is go home after work and veg. I'm hoping I'll find the motivation to go back, since it was working.