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Friday, December 30, 2005


Oy! I went out for a couple of hours last night. I thought that drinking water in between my glasses of wine would suffice. Ummmm, it did not. I got a little tipsy. Actually I got worse when I got home. My husband was making fun of me, but he quickly shut up when I told him that I needed his help in the bedroom (I'm trying to tell this story without you gagging or me being tos'd). After that and a shower, I scarfed down some food because stupid me didn't eat anything since lunchtime. I then poured myself into bed.

I took a cat nap and woke up. I couldn't fall back to sleep, so I ended up watching TV until 4AM. I do not have a hangover, but I'm dead tired and my brain is not in working order. I'm such a wuss.

I'm going to go flop on the couch...


jennifer said...

Wine. No food. Hmmm. It's a wonder you're still alive.

But I sure am glad you are!