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Friday, December 23, 2005

Random Rants

Tonight is the family Christmas party. I'm so overjoyed can't you tell? Nothing like being surrounded by people that don't care for each other much.

The party is at a this newly built place. Food, drinks, music etc. This whole ordeal was done by my sister inlaw's inlaws (I hope I didn't confuse you). Ok let me see if I can word this right, probably not, but I'm sure you'll figure it all out sooner or later. Myself and Joey and his family, along with my husband's sister's husband's family combine that with their family business employees and that's the party. And I really don't like any of them, except maybe for my husband (LOL). Ok, if you are confused, I don't blame you.

Anyhow, I'll put on my "it's the holidays, be nice" smile and do my best not to feel totally uncomfortable. At least I don't have to cook dinner tonight...whoohooo!

And now onto a totally different subject..

Every once in a while I look at the visitor details on my site meter. Why is it that the visit duration is 0? Do people just click on your link and click right out? My blog isn't that boring is it? I mean couldn't they stick around for 2 seconds? Geesh. Then there are some that seem to stay for a half hour or more. I hope they are enjoying themselves. I am not complaining really, I just find it strange that's all. I am grateful for any visit whether it be 2 seconds or 20 minutes.

Well, that about wraps it up for me for today. If anything exciting happens tonight at the Family Bonding Show, I'll let you know.


Eric said...

I'm waiting here at the hospital to do one more patient...and while I do that, I'm checking my favorite blogs. At least I wasn't here for 0 seconds LOL!
And if you're like me, during the holidays, I just grin and bear it.

Tammy said...

Have as much fun as you can at the party. Remember no cooking, no dishes...woohoo!

Merry christmas!

Sie said...

I hope you have a good time, inspite of the company.

I think this took me 7 seconds...

Merry Christmas!