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Friday, December 09, 2005

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment

Tis the season to get a little crazy with the wishes:

Weekend Assignment #89: Money is no object: What do you really want for Christmas/Hanukkah/The Seasonal Celebration of Your Choice? Shoot for the moon, here folks. Share the thing you'd want to get if everyone you knew was a billionaire and wanted to spend money on you. One caveat: Don't ask to get celebrities of other people for the purposes of, well, you know. We're trying to keep things PG around here. Also: wishing for world peace is all very nice, but come on. Treat yourself.

Extra Credit: Seriously, what would you do if someone got you that thing?
My Answer: Pass out cold!
Is it only one gift or am I getting several gifts? If it's one gift, they can pick one of my three choices below.

Do I really need to explain? This is the sweetest looking mercedes convertible I ever saw.

Hawaii for 2 weeks would be nice

It's only a $137,000 ring !


Teeisme57 said...

You know Antonette, if you're driving THAT car you really would have to be wearing THAT ring, a package deal for sure! Happy Holidays! Teresa