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Friday, December 23, 2005

Family Bonding

Well...I had a decent time I must say. Great food, a lot of people (at least 75), great DJ, and the party was held at a beautiful place.

I really didn't speak to my mother in law much and we were even sitting at the same table. I made sure I was a nice girl all night long. I'm sure I could have been a little bit more on the nicer side, but hey, I'm only human ya know. We would have stayed longer but we didn't want to leave Ginger holding her bladder any longer than she already had.

I even ate healthy and didn't overdue on the calories. However, I did have some sweets but they were bit sized and weren't too bad on the calorie chart. I was very proud of myself for not over indulging. And you know what? My husband said he was proud of me for sticking to my diet even through the holidays. How nice is that?

Well, I'm tired and I think I may actually go to bed at a decent hour. Have yourself a good one.


Ayn said...

I remember family bonding parties. Hehehe with about as much personal excitement. I wanted to let you know I was here for about 3 songs. Good music! And, I loved the kitty having been decorated by a snowman. HA! Woman wins over CAT!

Hope your Christmas has been Merry, and your New Years Happy!


Eric said...

You did well. Isn't it something that, during Christmas, we all have to deal with people that we would rather not deal with?
But hey, it's only once a year.