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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Uh Oh

Well, I've been keeping a food diary since June. And after the amount of calories I ate today, I'm afraid to write it all in the diary. I made sure I didn't have seconds and limited myself to a cup of mashed potatoes and a 1 cup of stuffing. Well, it didn't help a whole lot. I consumed about 2000 calories today. If I didn't have the pancakes for breakfast I would have only eaten 1500 calories. My hubby made breakfast for me, and I love pancakes so I ate three. That's 510 calories! Good Lord.

Well we put up our outside christmas decorations and organized our entire storage prior to having dinner at his parents. So I am hoping the four hours of hard work burned most of it off.

Having a piece of apple spice cake with whipped cream on top for dessert did not help matters either. (LOL)

Awww screw the calorie counting. I'll just return to my 1200-1300 calories per day regimen tomorrow, unless we are invited over for leftovers than it'll wait until Saturday.

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful.


Sie said...

I didn't count the calories, but this morning I'm up maybe one pound on the scale. Not bad... until I remember I have enough yummie leftovers to last 5 days. Uh oh. lol.

Happy after turkey day!

Val said...

Ahh, it's Thanksgiving! It will be ok! lol Maybe the calories did burn up after all the hard work you did! I am terrified to get on the scales after our dinner. I didn't eat alot, it's what I ate! lol Taters, gravy, noodles, macaroni salad, rolls, cake, you know, all the fat stuff! I can just feel it movin' in for residence on my hips! lol