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Sunday, November 27, 2005


As the song says: "oh what a night". I awoke at 7:30 this morning, however it took me until 10:30 to pour myself out of bed. No hang over, but I'm worn out. I did absolutely nothing today and I don't care.

Now on to the details...

1. A 3 story mansion (the foyer was the dance floor that should give you an idea how big it is).
2. At least 200 people all over the place. Every floor of the house and outside.
3. 2 enormous heated tents (1 set up on the hill next to the house, the other one down next to the garage.
4. Lots of alcohol. You name it, they had it.
5. Lots of food. It was catered and most if not all the food was made there on the premises, including a whole pig.
6. A bonfire that was the size of a small house (Not Exaggerating).
7. A DJ inside the house
8. A live Mexican Band in the garage (I'll explain later).

What I did or what happened to me:

1. Ate some good food
2. Talked to a lot of people (some who were quite intoxicated).
3. Danced my ass off
4. Got a lil tipsy (mixing drinks didn't help matters)
5. Learned to dance "Spanish Style"
6. Was asked by 2 men and 1 woman to come home with them. One of which was the man in #7.
7. Babysat a very drunk man who wouldn't listen to his wife but would listen to me. His wife owes me big time.
8. Had a damn good time!

The Host owns a dried flower business (he grows, cuts and sells flowers mostly to NY). So he employs a good amount of Mexicans. He invites his Mexicans to this annual party. They are a bunch of good people and are very respectful. They mingled with everyone, but they mostly stayed in the tent where the Mexican Band was. This is where I learned how to dance "their way". The first man went easy on me and just did a two step rather medium paced dance with me. However, as I was leaving to go back upstairs another man dragged me to the dance floor and basically spun me around the dance floor like a top. He did all kinds of moves and I hope I kept up. I had so much fun! Boy can they dance! It was incredible.

I was not planning on joining my husband at the party this year. Last year, I was in so much back pain that I did not enjoy the party and left two hours after we got there. I am so glad I decided to go this year. I had so much fun and even though I'm paying for it today, I have absolutely no regrets.


Sie said...

It sounds like it was well worth the price! I love latin music and dancing... but I have two left (club) feet. :(

Charles said...

Wow the guy would only listen to you. Wow I wonder how his wife must have felt. LOL

Antonette said...

His wife was the one who made me dance with him in the first place. My husband is one of his closest friends.