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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Random Rantings

It seems to be one of those months. Yes I said month - not day or week. It seems to be a combination of lack of patience on my part, and extreme moodiness on everyone else's part. The only thing that is going right in my life is my marriage. That in itself is a rarety.

I'm fighting with the neighbors because they insist that my bird feeder is the cause of all the bird crap on their car. So, I moved the "effin" bird feeders to the other side of the house because my husband said to be nice. I hope they are happy, if not they can kiss my butt.

I'm having disagreements with certain people online. We both of spoke our minds, and hopefully we moved on. Although, I'm not quite sure the other party is thrilled with me and I hope ties were not cut. I'll give it time, after all time heals as they say.

AOL. What can I say? Those of us who were..are..were AOL J-Landers have been quite frankly violated. Our privacy has been invaded. A lot if not most of the j-Landers have gone elsewhere, like myself.

Joe (Magic Smoke), only made things worse with his "I don't care" attitude. Let's be honest here, AOL doesn't give a damn about what its paying customers want. We are supposed to accept any changes and shut up. Well, not me! I will not go back to AOL J-Land until AOL takes its head out of its ass. And if by some miracle they do, I may still not return.

You gotta check out this movie, I got it from Still Randomly Rambling (link to her blog on my side bar). Click Here.


Sie said...

Hi. Nice place! See if you can read the comments now... I know NOTHING about HTML but that doesn't seem to be stopping me anyway...lol