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Thursday, November 10, 2005


If you'd like to participate, copy and paste these questions into your Journal, then answer them.

1. What is your name? (Or what name do you go by here?)

2. Where are you from?

3. When did you make your first Journal (here in J-Land)?

4. What was/is the name of your AOL Journal?

5. What meaning does the title of it have?

6. What types of things do you share in your Journal?

7. What do you appreciate most about your readers?

8. When you are Journal browsing, what is it that gets your attention?

9. What Journal gives you the best laugh?

10. What Journal inspires you the most and gets you THINKING about things?

11. What Journal is the most eye-appealing to you (colors, graphics, pics and set up)?

12. What J-Landers have you connected with as friends, as well as readers? Any shout outs you'd like to share?

13. What kind of things would you like to see in the J-Land Community as far as writing styles, subjects and or topics?

14. What would you like AOL to do to improve its Journals?

15. Five Journals you visit (please include links so we can visit them).

16. What do you like about keeping a journal?

17.Name the person you found this Survey from.

My Answers

1. Well for those who chose not to read my profile its Antonette.

2. Born in Hackensack Hospital, lived in Oradell and Riveredge, NJ. Moved to Columbus, NJ when I was 6 yrs old. I still reside in the same area.

3. Honestly, I do not remember because I deleted that entire journal. As for this particular journal it would be this past July.

4. Was: My So Called Life. Now it's Jottings From Jersey

5. It means what it says. It can't get any easier.

6. Everything but my sex life. The chronicles of my sex life will be out on DVD next month.

7. That I actually have readers and they tolerate my b.s.

8. The profile. If j-lander's profile is funny. unique and witty I want to read on.

9. Pfft , Random Ramblings and Unhinged

10. Sometimes I think, Patrick's Place and Gabreael's journal.

11. I like black, purple, pinks and teals. Combine either one of them and that draws my attention. The black background just sets everything off in my opinion.

12. Sie from Pfft is someone I admire and have recently met. Amanda from Holding On and Letting Go, is beautiful inside and out. Krissy from Sometimes I Think, has nothing but good things to say about me and my journal entries. I don't think that girl has a mean bone in her body. Laura from Getting By In Life seemed to "get" me as soon as we replied to each other's comments. And everyone else, I'm working on getting to know better.

13. Nothing, I enjoy the variety of journals. There are so many Ihave yet to discover.

14. More room on the All About Me section, different color themes and patterns, and just more options to dress up your journal over all.

15. Look to your left, there is a whole bunch of journals you can visit.

16. It's my anger management therapy. It keeps me from going completely batty. I am also retraining my brain to think faster. After my accident, I have lost 10% of my thinking skills. My problem solving skills significantly deteriorated and my sharpness/quickness is not like it used to be. Writing helps immensely.

17. Andrea from Unhinged.