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Monday, November 14, 2005

Looking Back At My 2005

I can't believe it's a little over a month until Christmas. Where did the year go? It seems like only yesterday it was February, and we were on our way to Florida. So many things have happened since then.

This year has been good to me. Don't get me wrong, there have been some trials and tribulations just not nearly as severe as they have been in the past. And, I've also had a lot of good things happen to me, which used to be a rarety, but now seems to be the norm. Everything seemed to have had a purpose, but I didn't often see the positives. Now I do.

The Issue: My mother insulting me over and over about my figure.

The Result: An in depth conversation with my father about my feelings and mom's crudeness. Afterwards, we had a better understanding of each other. And I started to physically change my appearance. Not only to shut her up, but to make me a happier person. As of today, I'm 2 sizes smaller and 25 lbs lighter. I want to lose 30 more lbs, and I will do it.

The Issue: My pulmonary edema/Heart failure scare.

The Result: The battery of tests came out just fine. I also started myself on a multi-vitamin to help with the swelling of the ankles. A possible magnesium deficiency could be the culprit.

The Issue: A huge fall-out with someone who I thought was my friend. We've been online friends for years, only to discover this person lied to me, and spoke to others about my personal matters.

The Result
: I cut ties with dozens of people, deleted my screen name and proceeded to start over. This whole ordeal has been a blessing and a curse. For, I am a much stronger person because of what happened to me, however I now do not trust one single soul that I come in contact with.

The Issue: My ever changing web site. There really isn't anything to gripe about except for the fact I am PSP illiterate and have to depend on others to create certain graphics for me.

The Result: I have met some really talented people who have created some excellent graphics for me and have asked for nothing in return. And because of the wonderful graphics that were made for me, I was able to create a better web site, which has gotten me a lot of notoriety.

The Issue: This journal: Wow, what can I say? It was once a small insignificant personal journal that was nothing to write home about. A personal diary that nobody but myself read.

The Result: After changing my journal's name, and putting my writings out there for all to see, my journal seems to have grown up. I believe the combination of better writing skills, creative thinking and throw in some humor has made my journal have some sustenance. And to top it off, a few others believe it's worth reading as well. But if you come down right to it, my journal is still a diary but with a little pizzazz.

The Issue: My Nascar Blog: I've always been a Nascar fan and I always had something to say about it. I just never kept a blog, until just recently.

The Result
: Well, there's been some pros and cons to this, but all in all I am happy with it (sort of). The fact that I took my nascar opinions off of my aol journal was a plus. I then put all my nascar rants and raves onto Yahoo 360, however Yahoo was limited with what I could do and not do. I found a site called Blogspot. I have to say, that site is very user friendly and my blog looks very professional.

I have spoken to several well - known Nascar bloggers who tell me how they love my blog. But it's very clear to me that my style of writing doesn't fit their standards. However, a couple of them put me on their blog roll anyhow. Others followed but that's probably because they all are in the same clique. I appreciate that they added me onto thier "golden list", however I still have mixed feelings about it. There are a couple of Nascar bloggers who have been very supportive, which is refreshing.

Finally, I would like to say Thank You. Thank you for finding my journal, thanks to those who have made comments, thanks to those who don't comment, but stop by regularly. Thank you for not saying that I'm a mental case, even though you believe I am. LOL ! Thank you for letting me just be me.


Gabreael said...

I am up working on mine this morning. I have ask Steven to please write a post on how to sign up on bloglines for alerts and such.

I LOVE your colors.