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Friday, November 18, 2005

Letters To The Editor

Received this from a dear friend of mine who lives in Gulfport, MS. Her house was not heavily damaged after Hurricane Katrina hit (Thank God). However, her place of work was totaled. There is still a lot of cleaning up to do and people are still trying to recover.

By the way, we are now up to Tropical Storm Gamma. The next paragraph are her words.

I thought these were cute, it's some letters to the editor in my local newspaper... At least people are finding some humor in things now, with so much beyond our control, and so much devastation, I think it's great that we can still laugh:) BTW, a POD is Point of Distribution, you'll see that a few times in these.

Mon, Nov. 14, 2005


And you might be a hurricane survivor if...

I enjoyed Capt. Tom Parker's "You might be a hurricane refugee if...

" I e-mailed it to a friend, and she added:

• The directions to your house include, "turn right after the fifth pile of debris."

• Your spouse is no longer suspicious when it takes you three hours to get home from work.

• You've been introduced to something called an "EBT card" and you guard it like precious jewels.


Follow-ups to a Nov. 10 letter from Capt. Tom Parker of Ocean Springs, who helped us find comedy among the chaos by sending the first "You might be a Hurricane Katrina survivor if..."

... you sing the song "Blue Moon of Kentucky," but substitute the words "Blue Roof of Mississippi."

... you close down your office for the day, because someone has heard a rumor of the newest FEMA location.

... you have invented 25 new recipes that include Vienna sausages.

... you have the numbers for SBA, FEMA and Red Cross on speed dial on your cell phone.

... you run down strange cars in your neighborhood because you think it could possibly be your insurance adjuster.

... your No. 1 place to meet women is now on the bridge - in traffic.



... you use three tanks of gas to get around in one week.

... you can name all 24 varieties of MREs.

... you can't imagine a roof being any color but blue.

... you view tents on the golf course as just another hazard.

... you realize your high school Spanish course will come in handy.

... a 15-minute errand now takes you one and a half hours.

... you know the location of every POD on the Coast and what they are giving out.

... the workers at the POD call you by your first name and know what you want and how much.

... all four tires on your car have gone flat at least once.

Keep 'em coming folks; we really need something to laugh about.


... you welcome visitors to your home to see your new "open floor plan."

... you seriously consider a garden theme when rebuilding: replacing your sheetrock with plastic lattice and Astroturf instead of carpet.

... privacy means showering or changing clothes with your backed turned.

... you are excited to find out you now have "waterfront" property.

... you consider landscaping your yard with sand rather than sod.

... you replace your fine furniture with plastic storage bins in complementary colors.

... you begin to think stock in sheetrock and roofing materials may be a better investment than homeowners insurance.

... you no longer keep spare toilet paper rolls under the sink; they are safely stored in the attic with other valuables.

... along with a glass-breaker and Fix-A-Flat in every auto, you now also have lifejackets and a hatchet in every attic.

... you realize the real reason you lost 20 pounds is because your scale went underwater.

... you paint a flood gauge up the side of your house.

... the skiff in your back yard is now tied off to your chimney.

... you replace your mattresses based on "flotation index" rather than sleep number.

... you're now on the property tax rolls in two locations - where your slab is and where your house is.

... you replace your flooded vehicle with an outrageously expensive reason-to-get- out-of-town-next-hurricane car.



Gabreael said...

I saved the picture. Thanks so much for it!



Sie said...

LoL... Those STILL don't make a hurricane sound like fun..

Sassy said...

They're not meant to make the hurricane sound funny, it's meant to try to find the best in even the worst situations, and maybe give someone a little laugh, that needs it:)