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Monday, October 03, 2005


Have you ever just sat and wondered why but never come up with a reasonable answer? So, you basically end up looking like a deer in the headlights totally dumbfounded? That is my current dilemma.


1. Why did my husband tell me he would rather have me home than at work, but now that I am no longer working, he asks if I'm ever going to go back to work?

2. Why don't people have manners anymore? I was out and about today and stopped at our local WaWa (those of you who don't have one of those, it's a glorified 7-11) to pick up milk and get my french vanilla cappuccino fix. After paying the clerk who had a personality of a dish rag, I proceeded to carry my coffee, 1/2 gallon of milk, my keys and my purse (still open because I was putting my change away), I proceeded to exit the store. Do you think any of the people either going in or out would hold a door open for me? Uhhhh nope. Are the people in NJ getting ruder or is it a nationwide epidemic?

3. Why do people meander in the left lane of a highway fully aware of the fact that they are causing a traffic back up and refuse to move over to the right lane. No, instead the driver maintains the same speed as the slower driver in the right lane so nobody can get around either of the drivers. And finally once you do get around him, he gives you every hand gesture he can think of. It makes me want to choke the living daylights out of this person. ARrrrrrrgh! And wouldn't you know it? He never moved over, he stayed in the left lane the entire 6 miles of that part of the highway.

4. Why do people proceed to pull out in front of you, drive 10 mph UNDER the speed limit?

5. Why when I call Dell, my credit card company, or my phone company I get transferred to someone one who first of all doesn't speak English and secondly has the similar intelligence of a 4 yr old child and that's even pushing it.

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6. Why when I ask to converse with someone who speaks fluent English I get an attitude, but I can get ask for a Spanish speaking representative with a drop of a hat no questions asked?

7. Why isn't there ever a cop around when you need one?

8. Why is there always a mad rush to buy groceries before a major storm? Don't you people have any food in the house to begin with?

9. Why is there a mad rush for snow shovels at the first sign of snow? What do they do with the shovels they bought last year? Throw them out every spring?

10. Why do people bitch and whine when it's cold and snowy knowing darn well it's the northeast. And then when it's hot, they wish for snow?

I have more, but I'll stop at this point.