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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We Have A Room Mate

It seems we have a 3rd person living in our home. This person doesn't talk, make any laundry, snore, make dirty dishes, or requires back rubs. It seems that all this person wants to do is set the motion night lights off.

This house was built a year ago. I do not know how or when this person decided to move in, but he/she evidently did. He/She also has a great fondness for our master bathroom and often sets the motion nightlight off once or twice every so often. It isn't Jasmine (cat) because everytime it happens she is with us. It isn't Ginger (our dog)because she is usually snoring at our feet.

When Jasmine does go into the master bathroom she always looks around, especially at the ceiling. She also sits in the bathroom for no apparent reason. I guess our "roommate" likes animals as much as we do.

Now I thought at first it was a defect in the night lights, but that was not the case. Also, it takes some serious movement to set them off, so the notion that a fly could be the culprit was out of the question unless the fly was the size of a cake plate. I've only seen bugs that big down south.

Well...just as long is he/she doesn't burp, fart and snore like my husband all will be just fine.