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Friday, October 21, 2005

One of THOSE Days

Ok, I'm in one of my Miss Cranky Pants moods. I am not a happy camper. I probably could fill this entire entry with my complaints, but I'll spare you the agony.

Considering my lovely disposition tonight, I'm gonna make this entry short and to the point. Also, I am not not in a spell checking kind of mood, please overlook any errors.

1. I want so bad to go to Great Adventure's Fright Fest, however it has rained every weekend since they opened it. And guess what? It is going to rain this weekend (insert tos-able vulgarities here).

2. My mom is getting better. My mom had a hysterectomy. For lack of better word usage...her uterus was falling out of her. Also, some other things needed to be put back where they were supposed to be. Trust me it's best if I don't give you the full play by play. One interesting item to note is that during her pre admission testing they told her she recently had a mild heart attack. My mother had no clue she had one, and either did anyone else, including the doctors.

3. I have to get my boobs pancaked. I know I am only 34, but I have cysts, so they want to start the squishing process early... Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy! I actually had my first mammogram at age 28 because I felt a pea sized lump. That is when they found out I have tons of cysts in both breasts. Thankfully it was only a cyst.

Well that's all I can really think about at this time. I'm sure after I snap out of this "look at me wrong and I'll kill you" mood, I'll elaborate more about the above events. Until then, I'm taking my nasty little attitude to bed.