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Saturday, October 01, 2005

I was thinking...

As I was typing my most recent journal entry the other day, I had a thought (amazing isn't it?).... Do people really read my journal? I see my hit counter says over 2,000 visitors, but the comment section is rather drab. I am wondering if my strong opinions scare people away? Do people get this impression that if they make a comment that I will jump down their throats and beat them over the head with their esophagus?

I wondered if my obvious pissed off attitude as of late makes me out to be the demon child. Last I checked, I was the only child of Stan and Dee, and they seem like real decent folks. I also pondered if I should "tone down" my journal entries to a more PG rating instead of a PG-13 and sometimes R rating. But then my writings wouldn't be from the heart .

Now don't think I'm here trying to patronize for comments because I am not. I just wondered if anyone finds my bizarre take on life interesting, or is my journal something that should be in a circus freak show?