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Friday, September 09, 2005

Well, I got annoyed with the blond haircolor, so I changed it. I think I've been every haircolor in the book. Now I am RED, very red in fact.

I get bored very easily. I'm surprised I am still married to the same guy. After all, we've been together going on 15 years and have married 9 of those years.

In some ways I am thankful I'm not wealthy, or I'd be visiting the cosmetic surgeon on a monthly basis. "Fix that, I don't like how that looks, can you make them sit up higher?, suck out as much as you possibly can" , are the phrases that come to mind. Then, I'd get bored with myself and have more work done. If the cosmetic surgeon could make me look like Angelina Jolie, I don't think I would be bored of myself anytime soon.

Anyway, nothing really going on today. I know I have to get to a department store and find myself a nice outfit to wear to a wedding we're going to this Saturday Night. I HATE clothes shopping. Oh and I need to buy sea bands. The wedding is on a boat and Joey and I do NOT do well on boats . Both of us are hoping and praying that the seabands work or we'll be hanging off the side of the boat all evening.

Well I'm gonna feed my face and get some stuff done...Until next time, take care.