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Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Mess

WARNING: My strong opinion to follow. I will not tolerate rude and/or nasty comments on my blog...This is MY blog after all!

I have never seen so much chaos in my life. There was absolutely no planning on what to do prior to Hurricane Katrina arriving. In my humble opinion the government of Louisiana was lazy and did not give one damn about the people of New Orleans. The amount of people that did not evacuate is absolutely unbelievable. The evacuation should have been door to door 3 days prior to. And if they decided to stay, the person(s) should have been seriously warned. Or even better, if they were in dire need of transportation, it wouldn't have hurt to send a couple of buses to pick up those less fortunate.

The law enforcement down there is a joke. I saw a segment where Sheppard Smith was asking a female cop if she was going to do anything about the people stranded on the overpass. She just about rolled her eyes on camera. I am having a real difficult time trying to understand why nobody could have yelled on their P.A. and tell those people which direction to go.

As for the looters and I mean those who are stealing jewelry, clothes and guns should be shot on site. There is no reason they should be alive in my opinion. They are a poor excuse for a human being.

I hope someone thinks about the animals. They are the innocent ones. I am sure if they had their choice they would have left New Orleans a long time ago. Please, let's do what we can for them too.