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Monday, September 05, 2005

Interesting Read Part Two

On Fox News during the 8:00 EST hour a reporter told Bill O'Reilly that there were people who refused to evacuate because they did not want to leave their pets behind. He also said that the Coast Guard or National Guard has strict orders not to take any pets. Bill O'Reilly responded that the people should be taken forcefully. After hearing that, I will no longer watch his program and have lost all respect for him. There was also a report by Anderson Cooper on CNN where he interviewed 2 people who stayed in their home. They rescued 3 dogs & were throwing food out the window to a dog that was stranded in a neighbor's backyard. They had not evacuated because they did not want to leave the dogs behind.
Letter from The Domestic Animal and Wildlife Rescue to follow....

Your immediate attention and response is requested. No animal rescue groups have been allowed into New Orleans to help animals, who have been left stranded on their own. Sending money is not solving the animals’ problem, which is worsening by the hour.
Meanwhile, federal authorities are forcing everyone—including elderly residents who have stayed in water-logged residences for five days just to safeguard their beloved animals—to leave their animals behind to starve. In some cases, people are told that they must choose between bringing vital medicine and bringing their dog when they are evacuated. This is illegal and it must stop.

PETA has issued a media advisory stating that we will prosecute any known violators, but that is not stopping federal evacuators from insisting that animals be left to die. (This past weekend), Rue McClanahan wrote to President George W. Bush, calling on him to order officials to allow people to evacuate with their animals.

Please, immediately call your member of Congress today to ask that people be allowed to evacuate with their animals. Leave messages for them in Washington and at their home offices and get everyone you know to call. The names of—and contact information for—your representative and senators can be found online. Please forward this alert to others willing to lend their voices to help with this emergency.

Thank you for your compassion for animals and for your willingness to act today.


Daniel Paden Domestic Animal and Wildlife Rescue & Information Department


Tell networks to give Animals more coverage! Yes, we know that alot of people have been hurt or killed by this horrible tragedy. We know that, and we feel for them. But there are forgotten victims in this disaster that we care about who do NOT get alot of coverage or consideration: Animals. Please email the major networks and kindly ask that they give Animals more coverage, because THE LIVES OF ANIMALS MATTER TOO! And ask the networks to give their viewers information on how they can help to donate money and/or supplies to help save the precious lives of the Animals!