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Monday, September 05, 2005


Please Pass It On, ty.

I'm sending this out for all those who, like me, have an abundance of used clothing, toys or household goods they want to to donate to the victims of Hurricane Katrina but are frustrated by the fact that none of the major relief organizations are willing to accept them. I found this link on Craigslist New Orleans that gives contact info for a few smaller relief groups in an around Texas where the evacuees are being taken that are in desperate need of many items, particularly plus size women's clothing.



Here's one of them to save you time:

Helping Hands For Texas

c/o Alamo Premier Mortgage Corp.

10223 - 281 Freeway - suite 200

San Antonio, TX 78216

Items sent here will be taken directly to a shelter in in that area. Other items needed are:

clothes for large women - The larger women were having to wear trash bags. There were no clothes for them.

blankets and pillows - Over and over we were asked for them. There just were not enough to go around.

shoes - most of the people had NO shoes


Baby Things - formula, baby cribs, play pens, baby food, bottles , diapers

Hygene - toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair brushes, rubber bands, combs, deoderant,
ladies products!!


fedex/kinko's employees get 75% off to ship - would be worth asking if someone at the counter would dontate their discount and maybe you can offer to pay the 25%. someone in SF just did and was able to ship to houston (st v de paul i think) OVERNIGHT with the discount.


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