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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Hurricane Alphabet brought to you by the Letter O

Well, let me try to make this as short as I possibly can....

Last year, my parents moved from New Jersey (where we are from and myself and my husband still reside), to Ormond Beach Florida. They moved in at the end of May and quickly got introduced to Charley, Frances and Jeanne. Miraculously, they did not sustain any damage whatsoever and that includes the all glass Florida Room they could not board up.

So, here we are...Hurricane Ophelia is sitting in Atlantic Ocean basically spinning in place and strengthening it seems. The forecasters have no clue where it's going, if it's going to strengthen or whathaveya. Isn't that peachy? Those of you who know where Ormond Beach is located in the above satellite image, pretty much know my parents will be in for rain and wind for a while.