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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Rank the seven sins in the order that you most often commit them, one being the sin you're usually most guilty of, seven being the sin you're usually least guilty of.

Here are my results (God help me):

1. Envy - Why couldn't I look like Angelina Jolie? Or how come my best friend looks like a perfect 10 even after she gave birth to her baby? Yet, I have to struggle with my weight constantly. it's not fair I tell ya!

2. Anger - ummmm, If you have read any of my prior entries, I don't need to explain this.

3. Lust - did I tell you I was married?

4. Sloth - housework can wait until tomorrow...or umm the next day. Yeah Yeah I'll get to it.

5. Gluttony - well, I need the 30 pairs of undies to match my bras and stuff. It's like important ya know. And I think my smoking might be included in this catagory

6. Pride - Ok, when it comes to Nascar, Weather and Animals I believe I'm superior than some. ThenI get off my high horse and get a good slap in the face by reality and calm down. I get over it eventually...I'm usually right anyway .

7. Greed - I'm not a greedy person. I was not brought up that way. What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too! LOL

Good Lord, I feel so ashamed now. LOL. And I am thinking that 2 and 3 need to switch...mmmmaybe.