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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Great News

Update on Interesting Read Part 1...

This is from the www.bestfriends.org site:

Jamie Manders, wife of Dr. James Riopelle, just heard from her husband. All of the animals from the hospital -- numbers still unknown -- have been safely transported to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Dr. Riopelle has a bed at a hospital in an outlying area for the night.

On Tuesday, Dr. Riopelle will travel to Hattiesburg to claim his two cats, and then will go to Houston to join his wife.

One surprising detail: One of the boats that rescued him was driven by actor Matthew McConaughey!

Thanks Matthew -- now can you take the boat back out to rescue more animals?

Personal Note: I wish to thank Matthew McConaughey for personally rescuing the Doctor and the animals. You have my respect and gratitude! To those of you who wish to tell Matthew "thank you", go to: http://www.ranaroyale.com/McConaughey/ and sign the guest book. I did!

P.S. I have been spreading the word about donating to www.bestfriends.org to everyone I come in contact with. Right now, the site is down or is not fully operational due to heavy traffic (hoping it's from my campaign to donate to them). Please don't give up on them...come back at a later time to donate. Thanks